What is Mom Worth?

stay-at-home-mom_page_2014What is mom worth?  According to a survey done by Salary.com which studied the activities of over 15,000 moms in the USA, recording how much time they spend on various jobs within the house, on average, a stay-at-home mom works 96.5 hours per week. If you break that down into job titles such as housekeeper, CEO, taxi cab driver, etc. and apply the appropriate salary to each position, a stay at home mom’s salary would be $118,905 USD per year. A working mom averages 59.4 hours per week and using the same rating system, would earn a total salary of $70,107 USD. Of course, salary averages can vary, based on the number and ages of children within the home.




Moms everywhere are underpaid and under appreciated.


You may not have the $70-100 thousand dollars to pay mom what she is worth.  However studies of employees shows that job satisfaction and feeling appreciated are more important to many people than the salary they make.

Many moms would say they that feel under appreciated within the home.  A little appreciation can go a long way when it come to showing her how much she is worth. Consid0er the following to show your own appreciation:

Say thanks.

It may seem like I am stating the obvious, but how many times have you as a husband, son or daughter taken the time to say a simple thank you? Have there been occasions when you came home to see that she had cleaned the house, after driving you to activities or taking the time to listen to you complain about your day? Did it occur to you to say thank you? Although she likely doesn’t expect you to say thank you, your doing so can bring about a little twinge of happiness in mom.

Know that gratitude encourages repeat performance.

If mom makes a wonderful dinner that you truly enjoy, be sure to tell her how much you love it. The likelihood of her preparing the same dish again is greatly increased when she knows how much her family loves it. Even if the dish takes her a significant amount of time to prepare, she will consider it a labour of love knowing that it will bring joy to her family when they get to taste it. (In fact, she most likely already does consider her work for you to be labours of love. Your acknowledgement just makes it all seem even more worthwhile.)

Remember it is the thought that counts.

Sometimes things don’t always work out the way mom planned them. Let’s say mom scheduled a family camping trip. She worked in advance to find the best camp ground, organized everyone’s schedule, went shopping, got camping supplies ready and packed everything. Imaging that on the morning of the scheduled camping trip, you wake up to a massive rain storm. Knowing that it would be no fun for anyone to set up the tent in the pouring rain and spend the day and night trying to stay dry, mom decides to cancel the trip. Your initial reaction may be to complain, groan and sulk that you didn’t get to go. Mom could be left feeling guilty and discouraged. The fallout from this reaction is that mom might think twice about planning these types of events in the future, for fear that things may not always turn out as planned. Rather than complaining and leaving mom feeling guilty, perhaps you could consider this reaction: “What a shame that it didn’t work out. I know how much work you put into planning this trip, and I really appreciate it. Maybe we could go on that trip another weekend. Just so that all your hard work does not go to waste, why don’t we pitch the tent in the living room and we can play board games and pretend that we are camping right here at home?” Your mom would gladly play along, knowing that her family appreciates her and still wants to have fun together, no matter what the situation.

Be prepared with kind words.

Mom’s get stressed out too and sometimes need to just vent. If she complains or even lays into a lecture that you never seem to help out around the house, your first reaction might be to become defensive and react with something like “Whatever,” or “Well, you don’t need to get all bent out of shape over it!” Consider using some kind words that add to increased communication like “I didn’t know you were feeling that way; I will go do that now.” or “I will try and do that better next time.” These simple kind words when mom is feeling stressed can help to quickly defuse the situation and leave mom feeling more understood and that her feelings have been validated.

A token of your appreciation goes a long way.

Yes, she may not say it, but waking up on Mother’s Day and not being recognized for all she does all year long is a lot like going through your birthday with no one wishing you a happy birthday, no birthday cake and no gifts. It is the one day of the year she is hoping you will show her how much you love her. Following are some ways that mom’s everywhere would appreciate on Mother’s Day.

  • Not having to cook. Consider taking mom out for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
  • A day of pampering. Moms don’t always get the time to relax, take time for themselves and pamper themselves. Consider giving mom the day off or a day away. Whether spending a relaxing day at home reading a book, watching TV, taking a bath without being disturbed or asked to do something can be a welcome break. Or take it one step further … consider giving mom a night away where she doesn’t have to take care of anyone else, or a spa treatment where she will be pampered.
  • Cards, flowers, chocolates or gifts. Yes, these simple items will bring a smile to mom’s face and make her feel loved.

Whether you are a mom, know a mom or ever had a mom, we want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day and extend our sincere thanks for all that mom’s do!