Spa Getaways Ontario

Couples Spa Retreat
spa-2Overheard at a downtown bistro …

Shelly, you look amazing! What have you been doing?

You won’t believe me, but I just spent the weekend doing nothing! Well, that’s not entirely true; I spent the weekend away with Peter being pampered and waited on, he said it was a spa getaways Ontario package.

That sounds like fun, how did you manage to get him to do that?

He didn’t do it; he was pampered and waited on too! He made reservations for us at the Benmiller Inn and Spa and took me there for our anniversary. We wined and dined, got massages at the Spa and took in all the beautiful sights in Goderich.

Wow, I wish I could get John to take me there. But our anniversary isn’t for a few months.

Do you really have to wait for a special occasion? It was so much fun there, I’ll bet you could make your own reservations and take him! In fact, why don’t you let me look after the kids this weekend and you can go right away? And next month, you can do the same for me, so we can go again. I can’t wait to go back!

What else do they have?

Scallops Smoked Tomato Capallini

Here is their website … … spa packages … Look, he must have booked the “Spalicious Package.” We had an amazing dinner in the Ivey Dining Room and breakfast the next morning. Plus, we both had massages and hung out in the hot tub. Hey! We could have had chocolate-dipped strawberries too. If I had made the reservations, I would certainly have ordered those! The Spa has all kinds of beauty treatments too. I might go with a friend next time and leave Peter at home. Then I can have a whole day of pampering. Would you want to go with me?

I’ll tell you what, let me go with John first and I bet that we will have such a good time like you did, that I will want to make any excuse to go back!

Okay, here’s the number: 1-800-265-1711. Or look, you can go online or send email too: What could be easier?

Let’s toast to being pampered!

I like the sounds of that!