Holiday Parties

12246764_10153062856005566_787215692242088976_nThe holidays are fast approaching, which means it is time for holiday planners to start making arrangements for the holiday party. The party may be for handful of employees of a small business or for a large corporation of 100 employees.

Company holiday party planning always poses a great challenge for many holiday planners. This is mainly because:

  • A good holiday party must take into account all the different employee’s interests.
  • The party is always subject to budget restrictions.
  • Coordinating holiday parties is quite a daunting task for the employee put in charge of the planning, especially if they still need to maintain their current workload.

Why choose Benmiller Inn & Spa?

Benmiller Inn is the perfect place for you to have your holiday party because:

  • Award Winning Dining

Benmiller Inn understands that serving quality food is very important in any party, most people remember or describe any party by the quality of food served. Benmiller Inn’s award winning Ivey dining  room has a reputation of serving high quality delicious food.

Benmiller is able to serve small groups in a private dining room or  groups of up to 100 guest with ease. This is one of the reasons Benmiller Inn stands out as a favorable place to have your holiday party.Onsite Accommodations

Companies today have offices in a few locations throughout the country or the world and they are always seeking to have a joint holiday party for all their employees to meet and get to know each other.

Benmiller Inn will provide you with the perfect setting for such an event.  Benmiller Inn has top notch accommodation which is inclusive of an indoor pool.

Corporate group room rates can be organized

  • Tailored & unique events

Benmiller Inn & Spa, understands that all companies are not the same. For instance some companies plan holiday parties as team building events while others are looking to reward their employees with a holiday full of relaxation and fun. To ensure your holiday party meets your unique objective please get in contact with Marianne.

  •  Exceptional and attentive service

Benmiller Inn & Spa is located in a serene environment with enough space for any company activities, with ample room for private meetings and events. Our staff are welcoming, attentive and are always willing to help direct the guest in and around the Inn.

  • Return on investment

For corporations or business we can guarantee you that there is no better way to show how much you value and appreciate your employees for their efforts and commitment all year than a holiday party at Benmiller Inn & Spa. This will definitely lead to increased morale and level of productivity after the event.

There are plenty of fun activities like: live entertainment, snowshoeing, fishing, snowmobiling, cycling, live theatre, golf, horseback riding among other exciting activities.

Benmiller Inn & Spa would be honored to host your holiday party.

If you are interested in an amazing and memorable time for your staff, book today by calling (800) 265-1711