Hiking in Ontario

FlowersWinter has finally taken a hike; now it’s your turn!

It’s always an exciting time in Ontario, when the temperature reaches double digits. Staunch Canadians, who have braved yet another winter, rejoice in the sunshine and fresh air, with Mother Nature joining in. The trees are putting forth buds, just waiting until the right time to burst into leaf and then flower. Our feathered friends who have braved the winter right along with us, sing out to attract mates and defend their territories.

It seems odd, sometimes, when flora and fauna rush to actively embrace the onset of spring. How do they know when to do that? One might think that the warmer temperatures entice them to take action. In reality, birds and plants alike use day length as their timepiece, as opposed to the thermometer. That is why you might see early spring flowers like crocuses poking their heads above the last of the melting snowdrifts, even though the ground is still frozen!

Birds and butterflies also depend on the increasing number of daylight hours to tell them when to return to their spring/summer homes. Just like local wildlife, we gladly come out of hibernation to enjoy the bounty that Mother Nature provides in the spring.

A nature-lover’s paradise

It’s a wonderful time to get out and get going again, after being cooped up for so many months. While weather conditions no longer support the pursuit of traditional outdoor winter sports, the sport of hiking in Ontario is available in every season. Spring hiking has its own appeal, in that one can clearly see local vistas and landscapes right through branches of trees that are not yet in leaf. The sun shines brightly as well through these branches, to warm both the avid and amateur hiker alike.

Unique photos can be taken and special memories can be made while hiking on the trails in Ontario. In Huron County, for instance, one can enjoy the song of hearty birds like Robins, Blackbirds, Thrushes and Cardinals. At this time of year, as well, the whistling of the Tundra Swan can be heard as it migrates back north to its summer home in the Canadian Arctic. You may realize that the whistling sound comes not from their song, but from the beating of these large bird’s wings during flight. Equally enjoyable is the honking of Canada Geese as they fly in formation, also returning to the cooler temperatures of their summer home.

Couples-Retreat-OntarioGear and Garb

If you are planning to hike on Ontario trails this spring, you will want to be prepared with proper clothing and supplies. This activity does not require a great deal of specialized or expensive equipment, but having just a few notable items will make your adventure much more enjoyable.

Here is a handy checklist to help you prepare:

  • Comfortable hiking boots are recommended. For very icy conditions, you may wish to acquire “icers,” footwear attachments for continuous traction. In every condition, hiking poles may add to the enjoyment of your hike. In any case, make sure that your footwear is waterproof or at least, water resistant, as some trails may become very wet once thawing starts to occur.
  • As for any outdoor activity, you will want to dress in layers. Bright sunshine and body movement can warm you up significantly and having multiple coverings will make for a flexible, always-appropriate outfit.
  • For longer hikes, bring along snacks and/or a lunch.
  • Without shade from nearby trees, the sun can be persistent. Wear a hat and sunscreen for proper protection.
  • Lastly, you will want to have at least 1 liter of water with you and a hot drink may also be suitable at certain temperatures.

Play and Stay

Of course, all that fresh air and sunshine could result in moderate amounts of hunger and fatigue, even if you are prepared. One might consider enjoying the hospitality of a nearby inn for a meal after the hike. With a little planning, one could arrange to stay over for a night or two and really enjoy hiking and/or other day trips from the convenient home base of comfortable accommodations.

Stay for a Meal, a Night or a Weekend

Whether planning to enjoy a meal before or after the hike, or stretching the activity to a full day or more, The Benmiller Inn, in beautiful Goderich, Ontario, is a great place to start. Located right next to some popular hiking trails and close to some other more urban delights, The Inn makes for a perfect destination for hikers and travelers alike.

Enjoy hiking this spring ~ Visit The Benmiller Inn & Spa!

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