Corporate Christmas Parties Shine at the Benmiller Inn and Spa

Now Booking Holiday PartiesThe holidays are just around the corner and that means it’s time for corporate Christmas parties. If your company is ready to plan this year’s party but you are looking for a location that is different than what you’ve done in years past, then it may be time for you to check out the Benmiller Inn and Spa.

At the Benmiller Inn and Spa it doesn’t matter if you want to coordinate a family gathering, a small office party or a major corporate event, we can handle it all. Our staff has years of experience in planning and executing holiday gatherings. Conveniently located in Goderich, the inn is nestled in one of those most tranquil settings around. You will get an amazing view of the Goderich countryside.

When it comes to food you can have a company dinner in our dining room or private solarium or you could coordinate with our staff for a fine selection of edible finger foods.  Combine that with great entertainment such as DJ Carter or Matthew Hussey and you have a memorable evening for your staff.

At the Benmiller Inn and Spa we believe that the details make a moment special and our staff will take great care in making sure every detail is perfect for your event. Benmiller’s Event Coordinator, will help you finalize all the details of your corporate holiday gathering in Goderich. We cover every detail including accommodations.

If you want to change it up this season then consider a corporate holiday weekend. Imagine gathering your employees together on Friday night for drinks and appetizers and then carry that over into Saturday where employees can enjoy all that the countryside has to offer. Then end the weekend with a Saturday night corporate dinner and dance. Imagine the memories that can be made as well as the appreciation your employees will feel.

There is so much waiting for you and your next corporate holiday event at the Benmiller Inn and Spa. If you’re not sure where to begin then give us a call today at 1-800-265-1711.